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Since not everything works great with the provider of this site, I'm currently building the new home of the boyskisslove community.
Since this site will be shut down on May 16th, you can already get in touch with me to join the new community. Just message me on KIK or tumblr. boyskisslove is the name.


Welcome at the original boyskisslove community.

Original founded as a tumblr blog to show everyone how beautiful love between two guys is, boyskisslove is now also a international online community for all gay, bi, trans and curious boys and men out there.

Boyskisslove is completely free to join. This social networking community is something special where you can create a profile, meet new guys, help and follow each other. Have a look around and sign-up to chat with other members. Why not join a group, or get involved in a forum discussion?

It's not like every other community. It's your community. Create it the way you want it. Express yourself without facts about you. Describe yourself and create your own wall.

If you are older than 13 years - Register now and enjoy your community :)